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14-stage Ripple-carry Binary Counter/divider And Oscillator
Counter/divider and oscillator with three oscillator terminals (RS, RTC and CTC), ten buffered outputs (O3 to O9 and O11 to O13) and an overriding asynchronous master reset input (MR). frequency input RS 10 fmax 10 20 MHz 15 15 30 MHz. January 1995 5 … View Full Source

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Of CD4060 to zero and the timer starts again. The timer is reliable, and a 14-stage divider, wherein the basic oscillator frequency is divided by 16,384. Here the oscillator frequency may be set using potmeter VR1 (in … Fetch Full Source

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Construction of a variable frequency synthesizer. The CD4060 reference oscillator divides a crystal reference oscillator successively by two. Remember that the programable divider will only divide up to 15999 and this limits the maximum frequency … Read Here

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CMOS 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator. DEVICE STATUS: ACTIVE. PARAMETER NAME CD4060B RC oscillator frequency of 690 kHz min. at 15 V IC,CD4060 Created Date: … View This Document

frequency, i.e. T = 1/f. The above equation indicates that if one divides the angle described during one complete cycle of the CD4060 oscillator/divider is not required. The CD4017B counter-cum-decoder IC then divides this 1kHz signal into ten equal … Fetch Full Source

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Times to the input frequency and the synchronous signal is sent to STM32, to be used to start the A/D converter. signal to square wave signal and the CD4060 is used for an divider circuit with 64. CD4046 is a PLL IC circuit, which the output … Read Full Source

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Since they act as a continuously adjustable voltage divider. A common example is a the frequency magnitude response is considered to be flat IC1 gives a low output, keeping transistor T1 non-conducting. Resetting pin 12 of IC2 (CD4060 connected to the collector of transistorT1 … Read Content
Tial divider comprising resistors R4 and R5. Resistor R1, preset VR1, (corresponding to 0.2Hz frequency). The second timer is triggered as before to CD4060-based circuit. For the digital clock function, however, … Visit Document
Require oscillator output at some frequency but have no crystal in stock of correct value and simple CD4060 division will not produce required frequency as well as the locations of the divider diodes (1 = Diode fitted) CD4060 Oscillator Calculator Spreadsheet … Retrieve Here

frequency with high resolution. Normally, a crystal-based oscillator with divider IC chain or a similar circuit in the junction with a CD4060-based crystal os-cillator-cum-divider (IC1). The crystal fre-quency is divided by 512 by IC1, which is … Retrieve Doc
Frequency to Voltage Converter Operational Amplifiers Operational Amplifier Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier CD4060 14-STAGE COUNTER/DIVIDER AND OSCILLATOR CD4066 QUAD BILATERAL SWITCH CD4068 COMP. NAND 8 ENTRADAS CD4069 HEX INVERTER (agotado) CD4070 … Fetch Here

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Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator Pinout Functional Diagram 14 15 16 9 13 12 11 10 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 8 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q6 Q5 Q7 VSS Q4 VDD Q8 Q9 Frequency FØI VDD = 5V VIN = VDD or GND 9 +25oC 3.5 – MHz 10, 11 +125oC, -55oC 2.59 – MHz NOTES: 1. VDD = 5V, CL = 50pF, RL = 200K … Get Doc

And divider. The basic oscillator is con-figured by a simple resistor-capacitor (R-C) network. IC CD4060 divides this oscillator frequency into binary divi-sions, which are available as outputs. In light, reset pin 12 of IC1 remains … Doc Viewer

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IC 4060 is an Oscillator cum binary counter cum frequency divider. Its inbuilt oscillator is based on three inverters. The basic frequency of the internal oscillator is determined by the value of the capacitor connected to its pin 9 and that of the resistor in its pin 10. … Fetch Content

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CD4060 divides the crystal frequency of 4.9152 MHz by 16,384 and produces a 300 Hz clock pulse, which is further divided by 6 IC2 CD4017 Decade counter/divider IC3 MM5387 Clock chip IC4 7809, regulator T1 BC548 npn transistor SCR 2P4M D1 1N4001rectifier diode … Access Document

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Reseting pin 12 of IC2 (CD4060) connected to the collector of transistor T1 gets a high voltage through R6 and IC2 remains disabled. When the piezo element gets heat from fire, asymmetry in its crystals cause a potential change, … Read More

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frequency at which it rings. The higher the water level, oscillator/divider ÷16384 BS1 Serial LCD ÷8192 ÷16384 ÷64 ÷32 ÷128 GND Vcc ÷1024 ÷256 ÷512 RESET CLOCK OSC OUT Stamp 0.1µF Pins 0 1 710 ÷16 OSC IN CD4060 or 74HC4060 4060 100k 10k measurement capacitor as shown in figure … Access Document

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The oscillator frequency is mainly determined by RtCt, provided R2 ≈ 2Rt and R2C2 << RtCt. The function of R2 is to minimize the influence of the forward voltage across the input protection diodes on the frequency. The stray capacitance C2 should be … Fetch Doc

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divider integrated circuit (i.c.). IC3 CD4060/HEF4060 R17 2k2 X2 32KHz R20 10M R19 220k C8 22p C9 22p TP1 32KHz R18 2k2 C7 0µ47 2Hz test point 16V +5V D2 1N4148 D3 frequency. However, the transceiver must be set to c.w. on the fi ve IBP bands of 14.1, … Retrieve Here

CD4060 512). The adjustable dela y circuit, realized with 74LS221 monostables (160 ns and 1.6 s) and 74LS02 NOR logic gates, pro the frequency divider with total division ratio of N=1312. Its gain is simply 1 = N. The total division ratio is ac hiev ed b y cascading a part of 74HC4060 … Fetch Document