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And letters on a chart. 7. Navigation Hazards/Aids to Navigation Symbology. e. Discuss different symbols that are found on the chart such as; wrecks, compasses/dividers parallels NOAA chart #1 or symbology key sharp pencils. Chart Work Sheet 1. … Read Document

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General Rules On a chart, SECONDS Step TWO – Stretch the other point of the dividers to nearest Parallel of Latitude. Step THREE – Without disturbing the opening, move the dividers to the Latitude scale Coastal Navigation Using GPS Subject: Latitude and Longitude Author: Frank Larkin … View Full Source

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Mathematics & Navigation Teacher Institute August 2010 Speed, Time, Distance Plotting a Course Students will measure distances (nautical miles) on a nautical chart using dividers and the scales. Students will convert hours to minutes. … Fetch Content

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Need a pair of dividers. NOTE: Do not write on the charts! For each exercise, you should use the vertical scale (latitude) to Depth on a Nautical Chart Because they are used in navigation, nautical charts also provide important depth information. … Doc Retrieval

CHAPTER 8 PILOTING – Maritime Safety Information
Dividers: Dividers are used to measure distances between points on the chart. • Compasses: chart. • Satellite Navigation Operator: This operator normally works for the secondary plot supervisor. GPS accuracy with Selective Availability (SA) on is not … Get Document

Training chart, dividers, parallel ruler, triangles, handouts, assistance preparing/submitting USCG application, all instruction Additional Requirements for License: (Item 5b is available at Marine Navigation Inc. 613 South LaGrange Road, LaGrange, IL, 60525 Tel: (708) 352-0606 Fax: (708 … Fetch Here

NAVIGATION Learning Outcome: • Know what is a nautical chart and basic marine plotting and getting bearing and fixes Navigation: The art or science of determining the ship’s dividers, screwdrivers etc. 3. Parallel Ruler … Retrieve Doc

Tronic navigation systems. With the exception of the VHF-FM homer and radar, this equipment is made on the nautical chart. Dividers and drafting compasses are often sold as sets in a con-venient carrying case. So-called “one-handed” dividers are … Retrieve Here

UNIT FOUR TEXTS, TASKS AND PROJECT NAVIGATIONNavigation – Anchoring, Berthing, Leaving berth and Underway – Buoyage – Loading, Discharging & Trim … Retrieve Doc

NAVIGATIONAL TERMS AND BRANCHES OF NAVIGATION A. Definition of Terms: 1. Navigation – the art or science of determining the ship’s position or aircraft and of conducting a … Read Document

These dividers can be opened and closed with one hand while performing your chart work. The top curved part of the handle is brass, and the tapered sides are bright finished marine alloy. chart and in the navigation log, and a pencil sharpener. … View This Document

dividers at each end of the line to be measured and, without changing the setting of the dividers, conning officer based on the navigation chart, the ship’s position, PPI observations, lookout reports, and the policies and preferences of the … View Document

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Navigation Worksheet #2 Answer Sheet I quadrant E chart B dividers C globe J armillary A sundial A Used to find the time of day. It is aligned with north and a shadow falls on the gauge to show the time. B Distance between two objects … Retrieve Doc

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Day Beacons Day beacons are unlighted fixed navigation aids Indicated on a chart by a green square or red triangle May be on land or in shallow waters on poles Lighted or white Plotting Tools Dividers Parallel rules Protractor Tool kit Dividers Used to measure distances Used to … Retrieve Document

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ED5661–Mathematics and Navigation Teacher Institute July 1, 2011 Using Vectors to Navigate (day 1) Target: Geometry or Algebra 2 Students will learn how to determine distance from a chart using dividers and the scales from the chart. … Access Full Source

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SURVIVAL NAVIGATION This Version Compiled By Jim Gram With the Assistance of Don Limoges January 2002 Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Central and Arctic) Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Central & Arctic) TO LOCATE A POSITION ON A CHART Find Latitude. … Read Full Source

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The Chart “Safety – Everyone’s ultra-light dividers are available for navigation, covering the basics of coastal and inland navigation. This course focuses on navigation as it is done on recreational boats today and embraces GPS as a primary navigation tool while … Return Doc

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Navigation Applied Oceanography 2009 miles 1º of latitude = 60’ = 60 nautical miles 1º = 60 nautical miles = 69 statute miles Use a drafting compass or dividers and spread points to apply to chart bar scale to determine distance Units of Speed Knot = 1 nautical mile/hour 1 knot x 1.85 … Fetch Document

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Coastal Navigation Chapter 4 More Plotting Tools Dividers & Compass Dividers Measure or mark off distances on a chart. Pointed both arms. Drafting compass. Used for swinging an arc. … Retrieve Here