Combinational Logic Divider

EE 134 Design Project: Frequency Divider
Frequency Divider Wei Liang Feng Yu Ta Lin John Gao 3-19-2004 . Introduction: In this design project we decided to implement a frequency divider. flip-flop into the combinational logic form, which looks like this: J K Q(next state) 0 0 Q(t) 0 1 0 1 0 1 … Access Doc

High-level VLSI Digital Systems Design And Analysis: Hands-on …
combinational logic design using macro-functions or algorithmic constructs and conditional outputs. 2. Integer Multiplier/Divider – algorithm design: control structures, branching, looping. – synchronous sequential finite state machine modeling. … Get Content Here

A Zero-overhead Self-timed 160ns 54b CMOS divider
Attains the speed of a combinational array while using only a directly concatenating precharged logic blocks into a looped domino chain without adding any explicit latches. The A zero-overhead self-timed 160ns 54b CMOS divider … View Full Source

ECE 380 — DESIGN ACTIVITY #7 Combinational Circuit Design …
ECE 380 — DESIGN ACTIVITY #7 Combinational Circuit Design Using Multiplexers and Decoders 1. INTRODUCTION In this lab, you will use the MAX+PLUSII software package to design and test various combinational logic … Content Retrieval

A Zero-overhead Self-timed 160-ns 54-b CMOS divider
CMOS Divider Ted E. Williams, Student Member,IEEE, and Mark A. Horowitz, IEEE of combinational logic with clocked latches or regis-ters. As technology improves and logic gets faster, the full utilization of clock periods requires higher clock speeds … View Full Source

8 Design Example: A Division-by-Constant Combinational Circuit
8 Design Example: A Division-by-Constant Combinational Circuit equation which links divider, divisor, quotient and remainder: 2n c n + a = s + c0 or 2n c n + a = s + c0 std logic vector , which is subsequently converted into a … View Doc

TM Associates Inc. Verilog
Higher-end tools may synthesize a combinational-logic divider IP block. • Only two operators are inherently non-synthesizable—the four-valued-logic identity operators, ===and !==. As we’ll see, they’re for verification only. … Access Full Source

Pipelining & Verilog – MIT – Massachusetts Institute Of …
Verilog divider.v 6.111 Fall 2012 Lecture 9 3 L. Williams MIT ‘13 Math Functions in Coregen For combinational logic: L = tPD, T = 1/tPD. G X H P(X) We can’t get the answer faster, but are we making effective use of our hardware at all times? X G(X) … Document Retrieval

Chapter 12 Digital Logic Circuit – :::NTOU National Taiwan …
Analog and Digital Signals 12.2 The Binary Number System 12.3 Boolean Algebra 12.4 Karnaugh Maps and Logic Design 12.5 Combinational Logic Modules 12.6 Divide-by-8 circuit CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING EXAMPLE 12.24 Divider Circuit Problem Three-bit synchronous counter CHECK YOUR … Retrieve Document

A Low-Power Single-Phase Clock Multiband Flexible Divider
Index Terms—DFF, dual modulus prescaler, dynamic logic, E-TSPC, frequency synthesizer, high-speed digital circuits, true single-phase clock (TSPC), wireless LAN (WLAN). I. INTRODUCTION W Proposed dynamic logic multiband flexible divider. II. … Fetch This Document

Clocking Strategies
Combinational Logic. Q D. Clock. Next state bits. Current state bits. Input. Output. Latches and Registers. Single-phase clock. By including divider in the PLL loop the on chip frequency may be increased by the divider ratio. PLL. Phase Detector. Charge Pump. … View This Document

EE 3120: Digital Circuits Laboratory LAB 3: SEQUENTIAL LOGIC
1.Use combinational logic elements to design a D flip­flop with active low synchronous clear input which will force the flip­flop state to 0 synchronous with the clock. Design and simulate frequency divider operation using the prototyping board. … Get Doc

Use only combinational Do not use sequential logic (eg: always block, posedge etc) 3. Either synchronous or asynchronous clear is permitted. Q2. 1. If you use a flip flop with synchronous clear create a synchronous frequency divider. YOU MIGHT RUN INTO PROBLEMS IF YOU USE A RIPPLE … Get Doc

CMOS High-speed Dual-modulus Frequency divider For RF …
The divider along with low-frequency sections with a CMOS technology. Manuscript received December 29. 1092: revised August 20, 1994. This work and combinational logic circuits. D-type flip-flops themselves are composed of D- type level-triggered latches. … Document Viewer

Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals 4th Edition1 MULTIPLIERS AND DIVIDERS the above divide step can be cascaded to build a combinational divider that pro-cesses multiple quotient bits, one at a time. The requires n such circuits for n divide … Read Here

ECE 3801: Advanced Logic Design Exam #3 Review Topics
Tprop is the propagation delay through any combinational logic (tff not included!) tsu is the setup time of the next flip flop >> Usually use 2 or more flip flops (and perhaps a clock divider) to build robust synchronizer (see posted notes) … Visit Document

Counter And Frequency divider Design Using 74HC191
The combinational logic using 7400 and 7404 is to generate the loading signal. It makes sure that once the state is 8, the loading divider enters the state transition loop we designed, it will work as we want thereafter. Author: zjw … Return Document

Designing A Divide-by-Three Logic Circuit
For this divider we are given a clock signal which is a simple, symmetrical square wave, T. This clock is the only input to the circuit. as is done with any combinational logic table. For our design, the equations for the secondary variables are: Y1 = y1 ·y2 +T ·y1 +T ·y2 (1) … Read More

Design Of A NULL Convention Self-Timed Divider
Unsigned NCL divider logic diagram. Initially asserting the Reset signal initializes the NCL registration components to either NULL (N) or DATA0 embedded within the combinational logic in order to reduce delay and area. The following logic diagrams … Get Doc