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Fig. 6.1 ACOM1000 Simplified Schematic Diagram
CAPACITIVE DIVIDER PLATE BNC 15pF Exh.Air Temp.Sensor IN INPUT RF SO239 INPUT JP3 OUT G1 Rsw 50/100W Rc 12/10W Input Relay R50 A Cc1 5.6pF 500V SOCKET *PART OF V1 4CX800A 1 2, 3 4, 5 6 7 (GU74B) Csg 12x820pF 1kV Cb1.1 2.2n/6kV Cb4 2.2n 6kV Rd1 3M Cb1.2 2.2n/6kV S1A PLATE-section 1.8MHz pos. RFC2 … Content Retrieval

Diamond X510N Modification
– 2.5 pF capacitive voltage divider connected to the third winding of the coil. According to the specifications the maximum power is specified as Diamond X510N modification http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa0fri/Ant/X510N/Diamond X510N modification.ht m 1 di 3 27/03/2011 23:30. Out of curiosity, the … Doc Retrieval

Early German Radartransmitter Technology
Produced in the capacitive voltage divider formed by the internal tube capacities C pk (plate-cathode 1.35 – 1.65 pf ) and C gk (grid-cathode 6.3 – 7.7pf for the RD12Tf triode). The resonant-transformation effect necessary to supply the feedback voltages to the … Fetch Content

From: Wilf Rigter <wilf
The counter divider ratio can be adjusted by changing the ratio of the two capacitor values. http://www.xs4all.nl/~rodneyk/ Wilf Rigter mailto:wilf.rigter@p tel: (604)590-7493 fax: (604)590-3411 > —–Original Message … Content Retrieval

Tl-922eng http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa0fri/Lineairs/TL922/tl-922eng.htm 2 di 14 13/03/2009 22.11. This is the way it was implemented in an amplifier belonging to a fellow ham. At the bottom you connect the two ground supports, one on each side of the valve sockets, with a length of 2.5 … Document Retrieval

Managed Internet Stapelen
Divider B.V. • Eschertoren 11 • 2316 ET • Leiden • The Netherlands Tel +31(0)71 528 43 18 • Fax +31(0)71 528 43 19 • Email info@divider.net Dit product wordt ook samen met XS4all als zakelijke Managed DSL stapel dienst geleverd. … Access Document

Photoshop – A A R T J A N . N L Ontwerpt Nieuwe En Oude Media
Xs4all, planet, zonnet, wanadoo et cetera. Deze div (divider ofwel een layer) wordt opgemaakt volgens de definitie van “#menu” in het stylesheet (het hekje ervoor geeft aan dat dit een “id” is). Later gaan we css-code verder bekijken, … Content Retrieval

A Study Of The Korg MS10 & MS20 Filters – Tim Stinchcombe …
Is the ‘Synth DIY’ mailing list: http://dropmix.xs4all.nl/synth-diy/ divider R61/R60. This is easily recognizable as the main low-pass filter topology of the Sallen-Key family of filters, [3]. … Retrieve Full Source

ARTICLES: Articles On Tube Audio
Chapter 6, is titled “Divider Circuits.” Read that for more detail. However, some things aren’t so easily located by chapter titles and the indexes can be very * Bert van der Kerk, D.T.N. Williamson Amplifier Do It Yourself Guide: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ideas/amps/ * Roger … Document Viewer

Instructions For Use (GB) Autoclavable Border-Lock …
The divider’s measuring metal plates are brought into contact with the M2 and P2. When selecting the upper tray, Email: clan@xs4all.nl Website: www.borderlock.com. Title: Manual Autoclavable BorderLock ® Impression Trays Author: Clan BV … Retrieve Doc

Smeerm. tools dry motor cf6-50 dry motor cf6-80 div. cmc-400 decals tel.nr. part nr. a-4 printer spindle paper rol cockpit 700320-1 ac.pump = geen fuel in main 4 max.15 minuten >900kg. … Read More

Photoshop – A A R T J A N . N L Ontwerpt Nieuwe En Oude Media
Deze div (divider ofwel een layer) (bijv websites.xs4all.nl/~jenaam) Login: (voor ftp soms anders dan voor je mail) Password: (ook voor ftp soms anders dan voor je mail) De rest is optioneel: Host directory: meestal is dat “httpdocs”. … Read Full Source