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ICS8442 700MH Systems, Inc. LVDS F REQUENCY
LVDS output buffers. The divider provides a 50% output duty cycle. The programmable features of the ICS8442 support two input modes to program the M divider and N output divider. The two input operational modes are parallel and serial. Figure 1 shows … Document Retrieval

AD9513 800 MHz Clock Distribution IC, Dividers, Delay Adjust …
Three 800 MHz/250 MHz LVDS/CMOS clock outputs Additive output jitter 300 fs rms Time delays up to 11.6 ns Device configured with 4-level logic pins Each output has a programmable divider that can be set to divide by a selected set of integers ranging from 1 to 32. … Retrieve Document

Low-AdditiveJitter, Four-LVDS-OutputsClock Buffer With …
Low-Additive Jitter, Four-LVDS-Outputs Clock Buffer with Divider EVM Author: Texas Instruments, Incorporated [SCAU044,*] Subject: User's Guide Keywords: SCAU044,SCAU044 Created Date: … Access Doc

FEMTOCLOCKS™ LVDS/LVPECL ZERO DELAY BUFFER/ CLOCK GENERATOR FOR PCI EXPRESS™ AND ETHERNET ICS8743004I Multiplier/Divider which uses external feedback for accurate clock regeneration and low static and dynamic phase offset. It can be … Get Document

Differential-to-LVDS Buffer/Divider ICS8S89875I W/Internal …
DATA SHEET ICS8S89875AKI REVISION A MAY 20, 2011 1 ©2011 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. Differential-to-LVDS Buffer/Divider w/Internal Termination … Access Document

NB6N239S 3.3 V, 3.0 GHz Any LVDS OUT – Semiconductor And …
LVDS OUT ÷1/2/4/8, ÷2/4/8/16 Clock Divider Description The NB6N239S is a high−speed, low skew clock divider with two divider circuits, each having selectable clock divide ratios; 1/2/4/8 and 2/4/8/16. Both divider circuits drive LVDS compatible outputs. … Return Doc

1 Precision Edge® Micrel, Inc. SY89876L M9999-082407 or (408) 955-1690 DESCRIPTION Integrated programmable clock divider and 1:2 … Get Content Here

Differential-to-lvds buffer/divider w/internal termination ics889875 idt™ / ics™ lvds buffer/divider w/internal termination 1 ics889875ak rev. b october 27, 2008 … Document Viewer

Implementing Video Display Interfaces Using MachXO2 PLDs
When four LVDS lanes are used to transmit, then each RGB pixel will have 8 bits dedicated clock divider by 3.5. In fact, the MachXO2 has specific 7:1 input and output I/O banks and software macros to make this implementation straightforward. … Return Document

FemtoClock Crystal-to-LVDS Frequency ICS844256DI Synthesizer …
Divider Function Table Inputs Function FB_SEL N_SEL1 N_SEL0 M Divider Value N Divider Value M/N Divider Value 000 25 1 25 0 0 1 25 2 12.5 010 25 4 6.25 0 1 1 25 (default) 5 5 for LVDS type output stru cture requires both a 100 Ω parallel resistor … Read More

LMK04000 Family Low-Noise Clock Jitter Cleaner With Cascaded …
• LVPECL/2VPECL, LVDS, and LVCMOS outputs • Video DESCRIPTION The LMK04000 family of precision clock conditioners provides low-noisejitter cleaning, common VCO divider block and placed on a distribution path for the clock distribution section. … Get Document

AN1568 – Interfacing Between LVDS And ECL
divider network to generate a proper LVDS DC levels (eq. 3). RE1 (eq. 3)RE2 RE The resistor divider network will divide the output common mode voltage of PECL (VCM(PECL)) to input common mode voltage of LVDS (VCM(LVDS)). RE2 RE1 RE2 (eq. 4) VCM(LVDS) … Fetch Full Source

LVDS output buffers. The divider provides a 50% output duty cycle. The programmable features of the ICS8442 support two input modes to program the M divider and N output divider. The two input operational modes are parallel and serial. Figure 1 shows … Doc Viewer

AN-5023 LVDS Compatibility With RS422 And RS485 Interface …
LVDS devices with other differential interface standards such as RS-422/485. An example is included of an LVDS The R1, R2, and R3 resistor divider network collectively is a total differential load of 100Ω to match the characteristic … Fetch Full Source

Femtoclocks™ crystal-to-lvds frequency synthesizer ics844003 idt ™ / ics lvds frequency synthesizer 1 ics844003ag rev a august 29, 2006 preliminary … Access This Document

AD9510 Datasheet Comparison To ADIsimCLK CLK INPUT = 245
(divider “bypass” mode), LVDS mode, 3.5mA current 6) OUT5/OUT5B LVDS/CMOS clock set to DIV=2, LVDS mode, 3.5mA current; optional fine delay bypassed 7) OUT6 LVDS/CMOS clock set to DIV=1 (divider bypass mode), CMOS mode; OUT6B not … Fetch Full Source

1:4 Low Additive LVDS Buffer With Divider
ASIC PHY1 PHY2 FPGA 156.25 MHz CDCLVD1213 LVDS Buffer with Divider DIV CDCLVD1213 SCAS897 – JULY 2010 1:4 Low Additive Jitter LVDS Buffer With Divider … Access Doc

FemtoClock NG Crystal-to-3.3V, 2.5V IDT8T49N008I LVPECL/LVDS
N ≤ 3 Output Divider; LVDS_SEL = 0 or 1 42 58 % tLOCK PLL Lock Time; NOTE 3, 4 LOCK Output 20 ms tTRANSITION Transition Time; NOTE 3, 4 LOCK Output 20 ms. IDT8T49N008ANLGI REVISION A APRIL 23, 2012 15 ©2012 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. … Read Content

LVPECL Differential Level Conversion – Portable Signal …
Converting Differential LVPECL to LVDS and CML Applicable Products SF1000 SF100E SF800 SF800E (a resistor divider or a VTT voltage source). DC Coupled interface – requires less components, but the designer must check and adjust for … View Document

AN-5029 Interfacing Between PECL And LVDS Differential …
LVDS technology is defined by the ANSI/TIA/EIA-644 industry standard. LVDS is targeted for general purpose high speed applications requiring very low noise and mini- tor divider network to generate the proper DC levels for the LVDS receiver. … Fetch Full Source