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Pipelined Divider

Ieee_div_pipe.vhd Pipelined divider module ieee_div.vhd Top-level component ieee_div_bench.vhd Top-level test bench Functional Testing An example VHDL testbench is provided for use in a suitable VHDL simulator. The compilation order of the source code is as follows: … Document Retrieval

High Performance Reconfigurable Computing For Cholesky …
Which is implemented as an individual divider for solving Eq.(6). The corresponding pipelined hardware architecture is illustrated in Fig 1. This triangular linear equation solver consists of multiple Process Elements (PEs) for computing z … View Document

LogiCORE IP Divider Generator V3
The divider generator core provides two division algorithms, offering solutions targeted at small operands and large operands. † Pipelined, parallel architecture for increased throughput † Pipeline reduction for size versus throughput selections … Read More

Computer Arithmetic, Part 7 – Electrical And Computer …
BSD Implementation Digit-Pipelined Divider Digit-Pipelined Square-Rooter Digit-Pipelined Arithmetic: The Big Picture 25.6 Systolic Arithmetic Units Case Study: Systolic Programmable FIR Filters 26 Low-Power Arithmetic Low-Power Arithmetic: … Read Full Source

PIPE_DIV Pipelined Divider with generic width Rev. 1.2 Key Design Features Synthesizable, technology independent VHDL Core Function y = a / b … Fetch This Document

A Monolithic LTE Interleaver Generator For Highly Parallel …
A pipelined divider is however a large circuit and also has the drawback that it needs several pipeline stages. As S stays constant while the whole code block is being decoded, it is much more efficient to use a multiplier to … Retrieve Doc

Xilinx Pipelined Divider V3 – All Programmable Technologies …
Pipelined Divider v3.0 DS305 May 21, 2004 www.xilinx.com 3 Product Specification 1-800-255-7778 Latency is of the order M + F for fractional remainder divid-ers Table 2 gives a list of the latency fomulae for divider selec-tions. … Fetch Content

Pipelined Data Path For An IEEE-754 64-Bit Floating-Point …
HPEC’05 September 20,2005 Morris 1 Pipelined Data Path for an IEEE-754 64-Bit Floating-Point Jacobi Solver Gerald R. Morris University of Southern California … Read Content

Implementation Of High-speed Fixed-point dividers On FPGA
Xilinx Inc. Pipelined Divider V3. Product Specifica-tion. 2004. 9. A.F. Tenca, M.D. Ercegovac, “On the Design of High-Radix On-Line Division for Long Precision”, Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Symposium on Com-puter Arithmetic, 1999, pp. 44-51. … Retrieve Here

Pipelined Divider (5/28/99) Vs 1
Xilinx Inc. 2100 Logic Drive San Jose, CA 95124 Phone: +1 408-559-7778 Fax: +1 408-559-7114 E-mail: coregen@xilinx.com URL: www.xilinx.com R Features … Retrieve Content

Resistive divider configuration with a MOSFET-only clock pipelined ADC and consumes much less power compared to the reported configurations. Another advantage of the proposed architecture is that it can be implemented in a pure digital … Fetch Content

Appendix A – Welcome To Doc!
Allowing an instruction to move from ID to EX phase Allows some overlap of instructions Difficult to pipeline divider Pipelined Units Divide unit takes 24 clock cycles, but is NOT pipelined. Latency: the number of cycles between when an instruction produces a result and when the next … Fetch Here

DesignWare IP Family Quick Reference Guide
Stallable Pipelined Divider 76 Synopsys, Inc. January 17, 2005 Arith rem_mode 0 or 1 Default: 1 Remainder output control 0 = modulus 1 = remainder num_stages ≥ 2 Default: 2 Number of pipeline stages stall_mode 0 or 1 Default: 1 Stall mode 0= non-stallable 1 = stallable … Access Full Source

8-Stage Deep-Pipelined MIPS Processor
8-Stage Deep-Pipelined MIPS Processor Members: Otto Chiu (cs152-ae) Charles Choi (cs152-bm) Teddy Lee (cs152-ac) Man-Kit Leung (cs152-al) multiplier/divider. The entire group was involved in changing and verifying the existing design. … View Full Source

Hardware/Software Co-designed Extended Kalman Filter On An FPGA
Since the divider is pipelined, the output of the comparator (S) must be buffered until the corresponding result (Y) is calculated. The internal PE (figure 4) adds the scalar multiple (Y) of the stored element (P) to the input element (X), or visa … Get Doc

An Automated And Power-Aware Framework For Utilization Of IP …
Also shown likely due to the divider core. Designs using the pipelined multiplier tend to show more modest reductions with some consistency. The parallel and sequential multiplier savings are either very modest or in some cases there was actually a slight … Retrieve Content

Parameterized Floating Point Modules
Outline Project overview Library hardware modules Floating point divider and square root K-means clustering application for multispectral satellite images using the floating point library Conclusions and future work Variable Precision Floating Point Library A library of fully pipelined and … Fetch Full Source

A Pipelined Divider With A Small Lookup Table
A Pipelined Divider with a Small Lookup Table CHIN-LONG WEY, SHIN-YO LIN, and MUH-TIAN SHIUE Department of Electrical Engineering National Central University … Return Document

DesignWare MinPower Components
DW_div_pipe Stallable Pipelined Divider DW_sqrt_pipe Stallable Pipelined Square Root DW_prod_sum_pipe Stallable Pipelined Generalized Sum of Products DW_mult_seq Sequential Multiplier DW_div_seq Sequential Divider DW_sqrt_seq Sequential Square Root … Visit Document

FPGA Implementation Of High Throughput Circuit For Trial …
pipelined array divider, a multi-cycle sequential divider, and a ROM to store the prime divisors, along with a control unit and registers to control dataflow, as shown in Figure 2. The circuit was designed to accept a large input value, … Access Full Source